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Listen to David Gessner's June 17th interview on RadioWest, as he talks about his work and recently published essay, "My Green Manifesto."

"My Green Manifesto"
In this exclusive essay, David Gessner tells us how to save the world, one small fight at a time. While he's at it, he tells us how to save ourselves (hint: it has to do with birds). In Sick of Nature, Gessner tore down what he saw as wrong with nature writing. Now he tries to build it back up, both describing and demonstrating the role that language can play in the green fights ahead.

Listen to David Gessner's April 12th interview with WGBH's Mindy Todd from the NPR studio on Cape Cod.

"Bigger than Shakespeare"
"The Apprentice"

Exclusive audio excerpts from two of David Gessner's essays from the book Sick of Nature are now available. Click the above links to listen...

Skiing the Beach

"Who needs snow when you've got crushed shells and sand?

Maybe, if you've walked along Wrightsville Beach lately, you've noticed long, shallow tracks in the sand, as if something snakelike..."

Interview with WHQR's Megan Williams

"For biologists, ecotone describes a place where different ecosystems overlap: forests running into swamps, fields fading out as deserts. In its literary incarnation, ecotone straddles the line between genres and styles..."